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You don't want confidential data like your company figures, invoices, financial data etc. to end up just in the old paper heap. You need the certainty that they won't fall into the wrong hands, which is why you want your old paper to be destroyed in a discrete way. Van Rumpt Recycling N.V. is your right partner for this. Our firm has been active in the destruction of old paper since 1992. We have multiple 1000 Its and closed steal containers at our disposal for the collection and eventual storage of old paper. The destroyed archives will be pressed into bales and stored into containers, for transportation to destinations abroad.

The destruction of confidential documents is handled with the utmost care and attention. When the containers enter our premises, the shredding and pressing will be carried out directly. If you wish so, you can personally witness the process. At the end of the process you will receive a declaration of destruction, confirming the careful destruction of your archive paper.


If you have 'old paper' that does not need to be destroyed, you can hand it in at our firm. In that way you can make an important contribution to improving our environment through recycling of paper. This if free of charge. We press this paper in bales of approximately 650 kg and store it into containers for transportation to the paper mill abroad. In this way the ' old paper ', just like the shredded archive paper, can be processed as raw material for the manufacture of new paper and cardboard.

Under "old paper" we mean e.g. waste of printing, advertising, envelopes, writing paper, drawing paper, computerpaper, fax- and copypaper, magazines, administration paper.

"If we wish to live in
harmony with nature, we
cannot do without recycling."
Old becomes new

Following the sorting process, old paper serves as raw material for the production of new paper. Depending on the desired quality, new paper can consist for up to 75% of used paper. This makes the recycling of old paper a vital measure in our efforts to limit the cutting of trees and save our ambiance. Based on the EN 643 norm, there are more than 50 different old paper qualities that can be recycled; we can come up with a buying market for each paper quality.

Request a quotation for archive destruction

After having visited your company, we can offer you a tailor-made quotation. Please contact us for additional information. We can optionally also provide the answers to your questions at our office. Van Rumpt Recycling N.V. has been the reliable partner for numerous organizations including banks, government, hospitals and offices, for years.

Confidential documents are produced on a daily basis. You want to be sure that their destruction is handled in a discrete way. We would like to explain to you how we handle the destruction process of documents containing your confidential company information such as invoices, personnel files etc

We also offer the pick-up of your archive, against an extra fee.


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